/// Plot Manifest

Workshop 2016
Houston & Marfa

“Plot can mean a section of ground, as in the ground-plot of a building; a figure, a diagram, a sketch; the thread that links together the components of a narrative; or a subversive, insurrectionary scheme” – Benedict Singleton, strategist and designer, “The Long Con”, in “When Site Lost the Plot”, 2015.

This first workshop started from the investigation into the notion of “site” introduced by the symposium. The notion of “plot” was recently introduced as an alternative concept.
If contemporary sites are stratified, composed by geopolitical, geological, cultural, institutional stratas and shaped by algorithmic, economic and information fluxes, mixing the Human, the Terrestrial and the Cosmic, then we need to think of them as plots to unthread, as topological and multiscalar spaces in which all the tools for orientation and explorations are to be reinvented. Plot Manifest opens to the exploration of an existing landscape (what it is – from Houston to Marfa), but is dedicated to the collective construction of the speculation on what it could be.

Marfa Sightings was a one evening exhibition in Marfa on June 2nd, 2016 jointly conceived by the graduate students from les beaux-arts de Nantes and UH School of Art. This was followed by an exhibition in Houston from October 4 – 24, 2016 and in Nantes from January 17 – 29, 2017.

“Depths of site go beyond the capability to see. Possibilities of orientation are varied, endless, concrete and abstract. Marfa Sightings situates the findings of ten artists from Deserting the Site and is a one evening exhibition that concludes a two week artistic residency in Marfa”.

Student researchers: Carole Baron, Tracey Ceniceros, Léa Bertail Domarchi, Alton Dulaney, Trey Duvall, Ines Elichondoborde, Arthur Escabasse, Elliot Eugenie, Jonathan Read, and Elise Weber.

Plot Manifest was a three week workshop that took place in Houston and Marfa with five graduate students from les beaux-arts de Nantes and five from the School of Art at the University of Houston.

Marfa Sightings was a one evening exhibition concluding the workshop in Houston and Marfa and residency time in Marfa. This was followed by an exhibition in Houston from October 4 – 24, 2016 and in Nantes from January 17 – 29, 2017.

Around the Sight is a radio piece conceived and produced by Carole Baron, Léa Bertail Domarchi, Inès Elichondoborde, Arthur Escabasse and Eliott Eugenie. The piece was broadcasted on Marfa Public Radio on June 2nd at 6.30pm and preceded by an interview of the artists.

Around the Sight, radio piece.

Marfa Public Radio, West Texas Talk. Originally broadcast on June 2, 2016. “In this edition of West Texas Talk, Tom Michael sits down with Arthur, Inès, Carole, Léa and Elliot – the artists participating in Fieldwork Marfa’s residency program, to speak about Marfa Sightings.” The original piece is available here.

Marfa Sightings exhibition at Nantes School of Art (January 2017)