/// Performance Of Works By Éliane Radigue

May 27th from 7PM On

Eliane Radigue for Charles Curtis

Chamberlain Building, Chinati Foundation
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On Friday, May 27, in the early evening twilight, an audience of over 100 gathered to hear Curtis perform Éliane Radigue’s work for solo cello Naldjorlak I (2005) in the Chamberlain Building at The Chinati Foundation/La Fundación Chinati. A diminutive of the Tibetan word referring to the motion of all life toward unity, the title Naldjorlak was coined by Radigue to recall the intimate or personal embedded in this movement towards oneness. In 2005, following five decades of working through a unique form of electronic composition focused on the nuances of a sustained individual pitch, Radigue created an acoustic piece for, and in many senses with, Charles Curtis. This choreographed composition without written score responds to a precise tuning of the cello’s own resonance to the “wolf tone”—an unstable referent that changes over time and in response to environment. The work, once created, is written anew each time it is performed, following the resonant qualities of both instrument and performance site. As Curtis states, “None of this can be scripted or even reliably predicted, and the performance is a process of following what the instrument is doing as it is set in motion […] Working with Éliane is learning to hear as she hears.”